Wednesday, December 5, 2012

mutual crafts.

sooo... i know i might have complained about the ward change... but since the wards all split, we have had fantastic activities!!
Here are the last few!

making paper ornaments:
 the cut out paper (sister thun had a paper stamp thing...)

 fold them in have so the edges match.

 glue them together so the edges match.

 add a string before you put in the last paper circle, and walah!

Dipping Caramels, Making Truffles.

 caramels on the left, mint truffles on the right.
 dipping chocolate! (melted in a saucepan)
 learning how to dip!
 i love my young women(:
 ...because they're messy...
 the chocolates on wax paper drying!

Super Easy Mint Truffles.
 Recipe (Sister Armstrong's)

1 1/2 pounds dipping chocolate (lyndt, etc.)
1 cup cream
4 or 5 drops peppermint oil

In one saucepan, melt chocolate completely, do not let it burn. In second saucepan, heat up cream. In bowl, blend together chocolate and cream, then add peppermint oil. pour into 9x9 buttered pan. let cool in refriderator for at least 5 hours. (a day or two is even better!)

Sunday lesson.
so, i was in charge of teaching the {entire} lesson on sunday... this was my handout!! best quote ever.


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  1. Those ornaments are super cute! I'll have to try that next year!