Wednesday, November 14, 2012

condensed randomness.

well, here's a really really condensed version of the last couple weeks(:

Kelsey's ceramics.

first of all, ya'll know kelsey? well, she's an AMAZING artist, kay? this is her work. all hers. look at the detail. i mean really, she's absolutely amazing!

anyways, my best friend is talented. the end.


we rock. i know(:

and, well sam and i have spent the last two days in seminary coloring this pictures. (yes, two days.). but it is awesome. like, professional coloring picture.

well, i went to CCD Honor choir on monday. and other than that, all i do with my life is school and extracurriculars, so not much else. my dad is staining my desk and drawers, and once that's done i have a few projects for my room, then i'll show everyone my fantastic new room(:

Erica Michelle

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