Thursday, December 27, 2012

christmas 2012.

heeelllooo! so, this christmas was definitely different then any other. first of all, i can't tell you how happy i am to go to bed before midnight, and not have to worry about homework. soo happy... also, second of all, i can't tell you how happy i am to have other people in the house... i don't realize how quiet everything is until i wake up to my family having a loud conversation about politics (you think i'm joking... politics make up about 95% of the conversation when my siblings are home).


sooo... we had the gerlach's over for dinner and we went caroling(:

and my family played ticket to ride and had delicious hot chocolate(:

christmas eve.
well, i took quite a few pictures... on my school camera, soooo i can't put them on my computer because i didn't take them in JPG, sorry :(

i worked :/ 1-4ish, and actually, i quite enjoyed it, have i told you how much i love my job? because i really do...

i came home to a bunch of different cookies and preparations for our christmas dinner (we have out huge dinner christmas eve, not christmas) then a program and opening of one present (aka pajamas). anyways, it was super fantastic, just different then usual because ryan and tiffany and zach weren't there...

i also got to wrap presents... (one of my favorite things to do)

well, i should tell you now, that i only asked for one thing... just ONE thing. and i got it(: and i couldn't be happier.

i got a real camera!!!! and a tripod, and zoom lens, and cleaning stuff, and case... and i am soo happy! i also got a super cute dress from Bohme, buuuut i don't have a picture of it. i am so thankful!

christmas morning... it's the best day of the year.
watching people open presents + huge mess in the living room = amazing.

this is sorta what it looks like:

also, can we all appreciate the fact that my niece and nephew are the cutest kids on this planet?


 evan and his daddy made an (angry-looking) snowman!

and christmas morning is our annual waffle breakfast!!! (which i failed to actually take pictures of)

 and at noon we got to web-chat with...

zach!!! it was great!

then, after a long day of hanging out, we had christmas dinner (left overs and appetizers)

can i just say that danielle and i set the table? kay, yeah. (i think i really like setting tables too)

and that concludes christmas!! well... i think i'll be catching up on a few blogs over the next few days, but till then, adios!


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