Tuesday, December 18, 2012

dinner theater year four.

well hello there!
this is going to be a short post because heaven knows i should be studying AP US History. well... here's a random picture of freshmen year choir with ashlee (left) and rachael (right)... why this random picture you say? because i'm getting awfully excited for all of my choir events this year!! including All State, Adam's State, and (drum roll please) CHAIRMEN OF THE DECORATION COMMITTEE! whooo! yep, that's right, this girl right here is in charge of ALL the decorations and planning for dinner theater (with my own committee of course!)!! Do i have time for this? nope, especially because it's the day after i get back from All State and three days before I leave for Adams, but oh well! I love planning stuff like this, and i LOVE LOVE LOVE decorations. and the theme is "Back to the Future". 1940's to present day. 1940's people!!! yep...

freshmen year:

and here's the video.

one thing about this nice little video... it was freshman year, and i was nervous. so i sorta look... awkward the whole way through... and there were definitely missed notes... and yeah...

this year will be better, no worries(:

Erica Michelle

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