Friday, August 31, 2012

powderpuff plans and other shindigs...

Hello there! Here i am, being a good little blogger! My week has been WONDERFUL! and full of tests, homework, snow cones, and house sitting...

I gave a talk in church... not so fun. i swear, i think i talk every three months. and sadly, very sadly, that isn't even exaggerating. and then... yeah, that about it. the usual web chatting with the siblings, i wrote zach a letter, and whatnot.

monday morning i did something that was so out of my league, i'm still amazed by it.

i signed up for powderpuff football.

yes. you heard that correctly...
you see... kelsey, kelly, and i decided that we're only in high school once. aaanndd we're seniors so this is our last chance. yes, it is girls that we don't have much in common with, but it's our last year. so we figured we might as well do it. aannnddd it turns into legit tackling football every year... which is scary.

i house sitted (is that a word?) from monday to thursday... the dog's name is Cruz, for future reference...

I left school early to go to Delta with the boys tennis team. aanndd, i learned that all they do is have rap battles, actually it's quite entertaining...
The boys won!! (actually, it was hotchkiss...)
aanndd like all six managers went... unfortunately i didn't get any pictures of all of us :(

we eat so healthily.
Then we went to taco time. um... yeah, there's a story that i'm not going to write on this dear little blog of mine. let's just say that i learned my lesson and i feel very, very bad.
we had a lemon eating contest, and i failed basically.
this is what sam and kaeti look like while eating lemons:

 this is what i look like:

oh goodness.

then mutual was AWESOME! drip drip splash. dang straight! it's like duck duck goose... with water... drip drip then
entire pitcher of water on your head!

i was pretty drenched after this!
but then the church sprinklers turned on! soooo, obviously we ran through them!
then katie and i left, and had us a nice little chat about life!(:

right after school i had an officer meeting for NHS. actually, i really think i'm going to love being president! and the other officers are AMAZING! it's going to be a great year(:
after that, i went to salvation army with Erik, Trent, James, Katie, and Sam... it was pretty great(:

Then, on the way home, James and I drove by the snow cone place and it was OPEN! so we went back to the high school, everyone else (besides katie and i) had to go to sports or work, but we really wanted snow cones... so we went and got them! this is the last week they're open until next summer so we might as well enjoy it!

then, katie and i went to buy granola bars for the boys tennis team.


i told jim that i was quitting tennis manager.

it really was a harder decision than i thought. but i had to decide between violin or tennis managering. i can't do both. my violin lessons are quite expensive, not to mention gas to junction, so in order for me to truly feel like i'm not wasting my parents money, i need to practice more. like, the first week of school, with tennis, clubs, and tons of homework, i practiced once. for like 30 minutes, if that. which is really sad, because i love violin. a lot. i remember when i was 8, i was practicing. it was late (although now that i think about it, it was probably like 8 p.m.) and my mom and i were fighting because i didn't want to. and she told me something that i haven't forgotten to this day. she said that i'd thank her for making me practice.

and you know what? i do. and i tell her that now. because i love music. and i love violin. and when it comes down to it, tennis is getting me no where in life, whereas music will. so i might as well dedicate an hour of my afternoon to it. (or more would be great, but i have too much going on haha)

anyways, that was my random tangent about violin.

after telling jim that i was quitting, katie and i went back to the house that i was house sitting for. we did some homework, had a nice little chat, and so on.

then dinner.

then katie spent the night. oh gosh, it was hilarious. Cruz is huge. and he likes licking people. so katie was very upset. ffuunnnyyy stuff i tell you, funnnyyy ssttuufff...

Well, there was an assembly during access, not too exciting...
except the fact that they mentioned volleyball and football numerous times. and other sports, (aka tennis) ZERO. it's whatever, it's not like we're important or anything *cough cough*

lunches are sad on thursday cuz Kelly, Sam, and Kelsey all have B lunch... and i have A. very depressing i tell you. i'm by my lonesome self. actually, that's what i thought, but Kym has A so all was good(:

During the beginning of open hour i had an appointment with Mr. Barnhill (principal) about NHS service project... dang, i get nervous when i have to talk to him! i really shouldn't since i talk to him alllll the time for my various clubs... oh well (:

Open hour.... kelsey, sam, and i went to target to get a pretzel. only problem was that we only had 20 minutes left so we were hurrying... aanndd we got our pretzel but their cash register was broken. so we waited and waited and waited... finally, we asked the manager if we could leave money since we were running late and had school...
guess what? she gave us everything for free(:
you know what tastes better than a pretzel?

a free pretzel(:


seminary scripture mastery game day(: wayyy fun today! we had these balls of tape with candy, and we had partners. one partner had to find the mastery that sister knight was reading while the other partner had to unroll the tape and eat the candy... very very fun(:

then, there was a:


quite fun really, first, i sang the national anthem with the choir like always, then helped out with the tennis fundraiser... (actually, i just told every person that walked by me, that they should buy a hot dog... it got very boring after awhile...)

then i spent the rest of the game with Kelly, James, Caitlin, and Cambria...

no big deal, but the score was 59-20... just sayin(:

Anyways, that was my first full week of being a senior! It's off to a great start!

Erica Michelle

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