Saturday, September 1, 2012

Guess what?

So, this post is basically dedicated to one thing: my work.
weird, right?
not so weird, because i started looking at the history of the theater i work at. and it's pretty insane...

The theatre [Montrose-Fox] is decidedly alien to the American scene in its design.” -Exhibitors Herald-World, December 21,1929
Excerpts from Exhibitor’s Herald-World, December 21, 1929:
“The Fox theatre in Montrose, Colo., is highly decorative in both design and furnishings, it is comfortably furnished, it has entirely modern equipment, there is a stage, and the seating capacity is 789. Yet Montrose has no more than 4,000 inhabitants, nor is it a suburb of a large city.”
“[The theatre] presents a very pure adaptation of Moslem architectural art, as applied to the mosque. It was designed  by Dick Dickson, Denver. M.S. Fallis, Denver, was the architect.”
“Passage from the lobby is into a foyer formed by a corridor curving around the rear of the auditorium. The walls are done in rough-finished plaster, with the expanse broken by arched window niches and arched doorways.”
“The auditorium has only one floor and relies principally on its shape and on cove lighting effects for its beauty. This chamber is vaulted, with a polygon painted centrally  on the ceiling, from the center of which is suspended a large chandelier. Two rows of coves, one above the other where the ceiling begins to converge upward toward the middle, run the length of the auditorium from each side of the proscenium arch. The latter is of the Moslem variety employed throughout the house. On each side of it, at the location of the organ lofts, Moslem bays project out, with niches shedding light from concealed sources.”
The theatre is still in operation as the Fox Cinema Center, a two screen multiplex.
Exhibitors Herald-World, December 21, 1929, is part of the Theatre Talks collection.
Cezar Del Valle is the author of the Brooklyn Theatre Index, chosen 2010 Best Book of the Year by the Theatre Historical Society.

I work there. isn't that cool? I mean, it's changed a lot... there's now three screens, and, well, it plays digital movies, not plays. But, i have to say, it's really, really cool. I worked today from 1-8 and when i was wiping counters, i just got to thinking how cool it is. I mean, the walls are completely tiled, and it's just amazing.
not to mention, i actually like working. like, the people i work with are realllyy cool, and i get free movies. how could you not like that?!?
anyways, that was my little random tangent. i'll try to take some pictures of my wonderful job sometime(:

Erica Michelle


  1. That is extremely cool! I live in Montrose and love that theater more than /anything/, #1 favorite place on earth. I'm so glad that somebody else appreciates how amazing it is, especially since you work there too. A lot of my posters came from there since Clay let me have some that no one wanted ;D

  2. Thanks! I absolutely love it! It's such a cool place, and there's so much history behind it!