Monday, August 6, 2012

The Last Few Weeks!

Most likely, this post will DEFINITELY not be in the correct order of events... why? because i just honestly can't think that far back. but... i will do better. i promise!

youth conference!

during the service project it rained, insane. and everyone got drenched.
then we played all these little fun and random games... above picture.
then we had a dance. and grand junction came. and it was super duper fun (:

so, we drove to telluride. telluride is this little {rich rich rich} mountain/ski town. it's beautiful. and there are gondolas!

 so we drove there:

aannnnddd... we found a cool telephone booth!

then we hiked:

then we got on the gondola!

 We got off the gondola and took another hike:
my future house.

the cool sun clock we found!
 Then we got back on the gondola!
my honey stick! it was super super delicious.
 Then we game home!

Danielle and Jayson came!

we went to the ouray hot springs!
And Kelsey and I had a chinese food/ clearance target/ ocean eleven party(:    {with the two of us haha}

Clearance at Target! {my homecoming shoes!}
And Sam and I spent a few hours hanging out... and stalking people. but that's whatever.
             p.s. we planned it about 5 minutes before i walked out the door(:
*sigh* i love my best friends.

Racheal came boating with my familia. {a.k.a. my parents and i}

I went to the Drive-In
spiderman. three times. and if i could go again. i would. i love that movie.

this is the women's bathroom. i feel like there's something missing.

my sweatshirt(:
Boating with Hailee and Amanda!

our grape tree! we ate all those grapes in like two minutes. seriously. two minutes.

then we went to dairy queen(:
I'm gonna miss these girls when they go to college!!

Have i told you i'm in love with boating? because i am. this is my favorite sight of all time. seeing my daddy's truck pulling the boat, and i know that i'm headed to one of my favorite places in the world. the lake.

Thhheeennn... i took my senior pictures!!

These weren't all of them, just some of the ones I actually liked! Sarah Hall from SarahHallPhotography (MHS class of 2012) took them! She is an amazing girl and photographer!

 oh, then in the last few days i've been able to sit and chat with the BEAUTIFUL kelly for hours(: and go second-hand shopping with Sam (a favorite past time of ours...)

I think that's all I have for now! Tomorrow my mom and I leave to tour BYU and BYU-I. ahhhh! I'm sooo excited and nervous at the same time!

Erica Michelle

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