Saturday, August 25, 2012

senior? already?

Isn't it crazy how long ago i started school? but yet, i don't feel old enough to be graduating in just a few months. it's crazy.

Well, I think (for this post), i'm going to go backwards.

starting with Sam. Sam (you know, one of my best friends in the ENTIRE world) turned eighteen last week. Soooo... i took her on a birthday adventure on thursday during open hour... (kelsey came too... you know, my other best friend)
it included giving her a boyfriend (zac efron), a unicorn (hey, that's what she asked for), cherry pie (from mcdonals) and fifteen other things. it was pretty fun. andddd the pictures didn't turn out... sorry :(

kelsey and i had one of those "we feel sad about our lifes" moments during open hour so we went and bought cookie dough. and felt sick. and we didn't eat anything CLOSE to the whole thing:

the first day of school
it was pretty great. you know, i really do love my classes. except the fact that they are actually requiring a ton of work. literally, i feel like that's not an exaggeration.

kelsey and i made a deal with each other. we send pictures of our outfits for the next day, the night before. i swear, sounds stupid, but it makes me actually think about what i'm going to wear so that i don't just throw on jeans and a white men's t-shirt (i'm addicted to them, i have to admit)...
you know, this is possibly the best idea ever, because i have wayyy too many clothes. i kid you not. 52 pairs of shoes. (don't ask me why i have that many... i really don't know), 73 shirts (granted, i don't wear half of them ever, i really should just get rid of them), like 10 pairs of jeans, quite a few shorts, and 9 dresses, (and some skirts, but i hate skirts.). I need to wear some of these clothes.
oh, and i'm in love with gap. i know i've said that before, but really, i am. i think that's the only place i'm going to buy clothes from now on.

first day of school!
nice backgroud right? sorry, i was running late as usual, but we always take a picture on the first day! hopefully i can find my kindergarten picture and post it(:

The first day of school was great. I mean, it was actually a historic day in Montrose. The second day of the USA Pro Challenge (or something like that) biking race start off. The best bikers in the world were here! and we had a release from school to watch them... and, of course, I took pictures(:

let's see... sam's birthday party was last saturday... we watched hunger games(:
actually, to be honest, the book is wayyy better.

Sam and I went boating
it was oddles of fun(:

september 15. i am sooo excited. like that's an understatement. 'nuff said.

yeah, i can't really think of anything else. hopefully i'll try to do (at least) a weekly blog (since i seem to only do homework on weekdays)... but we'll see!

Erica Michelle

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