Friday, August 10, 2012

A vacation to.... college tours!

So, over the past couple days, my mom and I went to tour BYU and BYU-Idaho... now, since 7 different people wanted to know what I thought about the two different BYU's, I'm going to devote an entire (attempting to be non-biased) post about that. So, I won't be talking much about the tours in this post(:

We got up ssuupppeeerrr early and hit the road to provo. we got there, picked up Makayla and toured(:
  I think one of the best parts about Provo, is that everyone is crazy about BYU... i mean, the cougar car wash? and BYU wallpaper in Wendy's... not to mention the hallway being named after the mascot...

Then we toured BYU and Heleman Halls... that'll be in the next post.

Well, Tuesday night we stayed at Danielle's house and wednesday we went to the new shopping center in downtown Salt Lake City. Man, "City Creek" mall was the nicest outdoor mall (or overall mall in general) that this world has ever seen. (or at least that i've ever seen...)
It's outdoor, but it has a glass ceiling over it, so it's cool and shaded for the most part, (except the fountains that are outside), not to mention that it really does have a creek running directly down the center of it...

Evan and Caitlin... aren't they adorable?

seriously, this is the inside of the mall... beautiful(:
Lunch at the Cheesecake Factory!
it's not my fault that the picture is sideways, blogger is being dumb...

dang straight, i got David Archuleta's new album(:
i have to support my future husband, you know...
So... school shopping. yeah, best year ever. because i was given a budget, then was let free to walk around the mall (looking like a loner with no friends) shopping to my hearts content. actually... until the money my mom gave me ran out, but you know, it's whatever.
p.s. i got the best pair of jeans ever. literally. ever. mid-rise straight dark wash jeans. they were my dream jeans. and they were super expensive because the were at The Gap. but honestly, i would have been willing to not have gotten any other clothes. that's how amazing they are. comfortable. and not low rise. i swear, i would have gotten them in every wash if they weren't out of my size.

Then we drove to my Uncle's house in Ogden, so we'd be closer to Rexburg.

We got up (early again.) and drove to Rexburg. man, was that drive ugly. no offense, but (if you've ever been to colorado), you know that stretch between green river and grand junction? yeah, it was that ugly. THE WHOLE WAY. but... the Idaho campus was BEAUTIFUL in spots. that's an understantment actually, but i'll get to that in my next post(:
so we toured the campus.
and ate lunch in the same cafeteria as all the EFY kids. and i was so jealous. i miss EFY :(

then we drove back to Danielle's...

We got up (semi-early) and drove to BYU and toured Heritage, then walked around campus, then toured Wyview... yep, then I drove home. (yes, i drove from Provo to Montrose... the longest i've ever driven. and in city traffic. i was so proud!) oh, and i listened to David Archuleta's album basically the whole way home... yeah, my mom and I got a bit tired of it, but it was still amazing(:

Future plans:
the youth tennis tournament is tomorrow! and school starts in a week from monday... quite depressing really...

Erica Michelle

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