Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Orlando, Florida.

Five Dolla....?
Does the sun rise in the same place as colorado?
Inside jokes beyond belief.

Florida was the highlight of my summer.

Think of it this way.
You've been working on a project that as been your top priority for 9 months. and you care about the subject so much. and you've spent literally half your free time on it. plannign walk-a-thons, sentsy fundraisers, hats on days, you name it. to raise money for cancer. you learned about a new drug shortage that is literally causing peoples deaths. and you do everything you can. then, you get first place at state and you get to present your project in the beautiful Florida. and life is good.
oh. by the way, you get to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
That's a huge plus.

Saturday. (and friday night)

Well, as you know, the week before Florida Katie and I spent like 01982375091876 hours together... Well, Friday night I spent the night with her because my parents were still out of town and I didn't want to leave me car at the Airport. So, Friday I got to Katie's house at like 10:00 pm. Katie's mom was so nice and helped me print my boarding pass and such. Well, at this point (now we're talking like 11) we realize that we need to take our stuff off our display board and print some papers we had to have for orientation. Well, her printer wasn't working and we were tired. But we finally got it all done. While we were on the phone with Moses hahahaha. She also had to pack. So, now, at one a.m. we're packing for her and trying to get it to fit in her carry on and the HUUGGEE suitcase we took together. Then we realized that we forgot Yarnmione's house and our tablecloth at my house. So we go back to my house. (you should note that my house is literally AT LEAST a 15 minute drive from Katie's house). well, we got there and couldn't find the tablecloth, but oh well(:
We get back to her house, and finally get in bed at like 2 a.m. but we weren't tired whatsoever. so we stayed up and talked till like 3. Then we woke up at 4:30 so we could get to the airport by 5:15. Katie's mother so kindly took us.
We got there, checked in, {got food, because food is delicious}, and sat a waited for the plane. this is what we looked like(:
this is packing... and yarnmione. that's a story hopefully i'll get to(:

Katie and I at Montrose airport

The beautiful Kelly and Sam
Well, we got on the plane.
{ i should tell you...}
I've never been on a plane leaving from Montrose. Usually we drive to Salt Lake or Denver to fly. And i think i know why. that plane was scary. it was like a warm up for a roller coaster or something.
then we got to Denver.

Then we got to Florida. AMAZING. and we waited for like an hour to get our rental car. and this is what that looked like:

These are our suitcases: {left to right} lil bessie (mine), lil tubby (sam's), big bertha (katie and I), bambi (Katie) and whity tidy with red stripys (kelly)
(it was lonely)... as yes, we did call them by our names for the entire trip.

Then we got in the car and headed to our hotel. please ignore my annoying voice in all of the upcoming videos...

So we got to the hotel. (very very nice). and that night we went swimming and met some guys. ahhh. ha.
annddd, we actually went to bed at a decent hour (we were tired after all)

We woke up bright and early to go to office depot to get out stuff for presentations. at nine a.m. and guess what? they didn't open till eleven, we were a bit angry we got up so early. so we went shopping(:
and came back to the hotel. i took about a million videos of us just doing random stuff, but i'm choosing not to put them up... because, ummmm, they were... odd.
office depot. they had a million sharpies. like seriously.

i'm not explaining this.

the upside down museum... i wanted to go so bad!


best friend matchers right there! this was at the Colorado state meeting
and this is right in front of our hotel(:

sunday is the day we came up with elevator talks. but i can't tell you what that means. but it was hilarious.
oh, and we went swimming again...

Monday... i'm having a really really hard time thinking of what we did monday. but i do remember this:

 We went to the store. and got:

da da da....
that's right people, we got water from norway. be jealous.

 then... i lost my phone.
and the koenigs searched the car.
and we searched the car.
and i called my dad and told him to shut off the service.
we searched the store.
and the car again.

then we went to orientation. and i cried. and prayed we would find it. then we went to the opening sessions... which looked like this:

sorry, i cut off katie...

and the motivational speaker was awful. that's not nice to say, i know. but i can't even remember his name. that's how much he inspired me. in fact, i just felt like he was yelling at me for an hour. it was awful. and the opening session was like 14328957 million hours longer then supposed to. so we went out to the car, and i hoped and prayed with all my little heart we would find my phone... but there was no hope because we tore the car apart.
then we opened the door.
and my phone was sitting on the floor. in plain sight. yeah, that was my "i know that prayer works" story for the day.
then we went to Denny's for dinner and I called my dad and he called AT&T and they turned on my phone again(:
then we went swimming... i feel like we swam a lot.

p.s. by this time, the cold that Caitlin had given to Kelly, we were all sniffling and coughing with sore throats...

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. my life. I love Harry Potter for those of you who don't know. I love Harry Potter as much as I love sewing days watching Anne of Green Gables. I love Harry Potter as much as I love Muddy Buddies. I love Harry Potter as much as I love Andrew Garfield. and don't even get me started on how much I love Tom Felton.

Almost there!

Universal Studios!


almost to Hogsmeade...


Herbology... AKA, waiting in line for the Harry Potter castle ride...

so all these pictures are from inside Hogwarts, in the line for the ride... the pictures were moving but it's really dark in the castle so my flash made the pictures look black...

butterbeer is delicious. like amazing. i had four mugs of it.

 We had lunch in The Three Broomsticks: {true story!}

And I got a picture with the Conductor!

And Yarnmione had butterbeer!

and these are the things i got(:

Draco Malfoy's wand!!

yes, yes i did get a time turner.

And here is what i'm proud to say i did...

"The Dragon Challenge" (note: i got this picture off of google)

 So, after lunch, we said goodbye to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and ventured through the rest of universal. Including intense soaking-water rides, a talking fountain that gave me advice, and being too young to have our palms read...

we went down that waterslide... true story.

The Fountain that talked! Sound quality isn't that great, but the fountain had some good advice for me!

we saw the most amazing magic show. ever.
 Then we went back to the hotel... and katie and I did some last minute practicing!
we got really weird looks from people walking through the hall...
 I honestly don't think that i have any pictures from during the day on wednesday. But, Katie and I woke up early, felt sick and barely could talk, went a presented, then came back. and while Sam and Kelly went to present, we went to the pool (except we never got in). then it rained and we stood in the wonderful, warm rain for {and this is no joke} an hour. and we got drenched. and we danced, and we sang, and it was one of the most beautiful moments of my life. seriously. Wednesday night was the...

All dressed up!
 So, the Gala, was, and i lie not, one of the best nights of my life, AND hands down, the best dance i've ever been to in my life. And i've been to a million dances. because i didn't care about anything. i was with my best friends. and we danced the night away. and had delicious food. and, i was beyond happy that night.

We woke up early (and i mean early) and went to the award ceremony. they do awards in a couple different groups because there are soo many kids there... our group was at 7 a.m. annnddd of course, we were wayyyyy early. so katie and i sat there, and fell asleep, and felt like sick little chipmunks who just wanted a decent nap.
when we were called... there we are!!

Kelly and Sam got gold too!

 then... we went to the beach!!!
headed to the beach!

it was beautiful.

this was looking out from where we ate dinner(:

and coming back from the beach.. they were entertaining!

We got up. and came home. and it was great.
oh, the plane from Denver to Montrose was sketchy again. and katie was flipping out. and so was I. good times, good times...

And that, my dear friends, is my great adventure to Florida. I'm sorry for all the typos, but i'm too lazy to edit it. My next post (hopefully tomorrow) will be all about the weeks since I got back!

trips to telluride, drive ins, work, and everything in between(:
oh, and i'll introduce you to my new goals relating to blogging and organization(:

Erica Michelle

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