Wednesday, August 22, 2012

i am officially a failure at blogging...

hello there!
well, seeing as i am a failure, this post will be boring.

1) my byu vs. byu-i post is almost done... but not quite, and when you see how long it is, you will totally understand why it's taken so long.

2) although it sounds pathetic and not too hard, i'm taking three AP classes... not too bad, right? nothing compared to last year first semester at least... wrong. AP history, although not too "hard" is a ton of work. i have to read chapter one, do the study guide and vocab, by friday. and AP stats, and AP English (big test tomorrow) so i'm a bit swamped.

3) extra-curriculars are insane. so i found out today that i'm NHS president... not sure how that worked, since I could have sworn my life on the fact that the girl I ran against beat me... but supposedly not. and i won. and i wasn't even there the day we voted... soooo, yeah. NHS presedent. BIONIC. FCCLA (i'm going for district officer.), boys tennis manager, church church church church. Choir (i'm co- section leader) and violin and voice lesson. also, i'm going to start working on my audition for All-State and Adams State honor choirs... (last year, i started my solo three days before all state audition... not recommended... but it still worked, i got in!) Seminary starts next monday. and i'm tired.


no post for today. i would try to post tomorrow, but i just don't think it's gonna happen. plan on:

school year craziness
last few weeks of summer
homecoming excitedness!
embaressing moments at boys tennis practice
and lots more!

in approx. two or three days(:



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