Monday, November 18, 2013

sushi and hang time.

this weekend was so eventful! Friday we celebrated Hunter and Liz's birthday by going to sushi then having cake! {yeah, I tried making jello poke cake... it didn't quite turn out, but we won't talk about that} First things first, sushi is gross. I went in with an open mind, I really did! I love seafood, but sushi was just awful. It was still such a great night though (:

these guys are studs! Hilarious I tell you.

So, remember Kayla and I's bucket list on this post? Eating sushi was on the list! One item crossed off (:

blowing out the candles! {let's not judge my phone's picture quality, shall we?}

Then Saturday was filled with playing pool, freezing at the football game, doing homework while Cady was at work, and then going to Hang Time and hot tubbing!

{last two pictures stolen from taylore}

Such a great weekend! And now Cady and I have found a new addiction hobby... it's a TV show called The Paradise, by the same company as Downtown Abbey so it's got to be great! Anyways, I'm off to FHE (:

Erica Michelle

p.s. I forgot to tell you that after much twitter conversation... cady and michael and hunter and I {and dylan and zach} went on adventures to the rolled up cafe {still the best crepes ever}

We also turned styrofoam cups inside out... yes it's possible and we're kinda awesome sooo you know... 

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