Wednesday, November 27, 2013

catching fire times 3.

guess where I am?

I'm sitting on my bed. in my room. in my house. in colorado. I highly recommend it... so great.

Tuesday I got to spend the day with Kelsey, then do the traditional Qdoba dinner with Katie. I was so glad to catch up with them! I've facetimed/called Kelsey a few times... but it's not the same as laughing over our soft pretzels and caramel! Plus driving around town with Katie... she's been out to Utah a couple times, but I missed her more than I can say! The adventures we've head... I can't even explain. I missed these girls!

Then we all went to Catching Fire {yes, it was my third time seeing it} Also, since I'm planning on working at the theater I'm still considered an employee and get into movies for free (: You know what's better than watching a movie in a theater?? Watching it for free. I've decided that I really do just love the idea of theaters. Especially little theaters. Not like the huge, impersonal ones that they have in Utah {or I assume any bigger places}. I think the theater is one of the things I missed the most about Montrose.

Here's a throw back to last Saturday night's adventures with the lovely Cady and Hunter and Harrison! Everyone needs to go to the movies, laugh through 90% of the movie, then spend 45 minutes in a McDonald's drive-thru at 2 a.m.

I am so glad to be home with my parents! Danielle, Jayson, Evan, and Caitlin are all here too and everything is just wonderful! My mom's cooking. And the stars. and Colorado in general. I just love all of it.

Since it is thanksgiving I just thought I'd make a very shortened, unfinished list of what I'm grateful for right now...

my parents, my siblings, the gospel, best friends, homemade cookies, beautiful stars, hand-written cards, queen beds, soft sweatshirts, winter weather, good smelling candles, chapstick, inspiring quotes, good movies, Target, infinity scarfs, laughing until you cry, inside jokes, riding boots, washing machines, cell phones, music, snow, christmas music, hot chocolate in cute mugs, sewing machines, cameras, Joshua 1:9, Zach's good example, waterbottles, rain coats, new college friends, cute little puppies, blogs, praying and knowing someone is listening, BYU, new shoes, hairdryers, heaters

...and I feel like this list could go on for awhile. Long story short, I am so blessed!

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving {the second best holiday... next to Christmas of course!}

Erica Michelle

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