Friday, November 15, 2013

happy friday!

Today is Friday and let me tell you, today is just wonderful (:

here is what's going on right now:

+I am beyond excited to go home for thanksgiving {hello sleeping in my own bed!} one week.
+This week was great... studying pays off, guys! that's what I tell myself at midnight in the library at least.
+I'm sitting at Sam's making a cake and blogging and watching videos. yes. fantastic afternoon. best friends for the win.
+I got to sleep in today... thank you classes that get cancelled! really, I just don't sleep often.
+Sam put in her mission papers and I am probably 100% as excited to find out where she's going as she is.
+I love finding new music! current obsessions:
+In humanities we're talking about visual art. aka, paintings and sculptures. but it also means architecture. which is my f a v o r i t e . buildings are cool, ok?!
+I made the greatest apple pie in my food prep class all by myself on wednesday. then we ate it at our science review. and let me tell you, not to brag, but it was delicious.
+I may or may not be addicted to spotify.
+I had my first j-dawgs this week! not too bad, I'd say.
+and now is a fun-filled friday night to celebrate Hunter and Liz's birthday! {more later}

this is going to be a wonderful weekend!

Erica Michelle

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