Friday, November 1, 2013

halloween festivities.

yes. it's four a.m. Don't even ask why I'm awake, because I'm not exactly sure. I figured that since I have the energy, I might as well blog about this week, though!

Between midterms, registration for next semester's classes, humanities papers galore, and halloween stuff... this week has been c r a z y {to say the least!} However, Kayla and I still got to have some roommate adventures, dress up as birthday presents, and have a great week! Tuesday night was our ward Halloween party...

I mean, don't be jealous, but we were one of the costume contest winners. no big deal or anything (;

Then Wednesday night a group of kids all went to Cornbelly's//Insanity Point. WHY would anyone pay that much money to go through haunted houses and get scared... I DON'T KNOW. ok? But, despite it being about 100 times scarier than the Olathe Haunted Corn Maze, it was definitely a fantastic night (:

Auburn, Cady, Kayla and I! These girls have become some of the best friends!

Then actually on halloween? I spent my day in class, practicing violin, and doing homework. yeahhh, no trick-or-treating for me. Although, there were two different groups of reverse trick-or-treaters in the library {meaning they gave out candy} because they felt bad for any poor kid being there at midnight. So, that was pretty great (: 

Personally, I'm just hoping for next week to slow down just a bit! {oh, and to catch up on sleep this weekend!!}

Hope you all had a great week!

Erica Michelle

p.s... now that halloween is over, guess what that means?? CHRISTMAS MUSIC!


  1. Hahaha so this is what you were doing until 4:30 (; I love it!

  2. Actually, Erica... before Christmas music comes Thanksgiving.

  3. Those birthday present costumes are pretty awesome!

  4. haha! that is actually a really creative and cute halloween costume! also looks easy. perfect.