Saturday, November 23, 2013

blogger craft fairs & the week in general.

this week has been crazy!

The last couple of days have flown by! First off, I'd like to say that I am so grateful for a sister that lives 45 minutes away! On thursday I drove up to Salt Lake and went to dinner and The Hunger Games with Danielle... sooo great (:

This week was also Kayla's birthday! I decorated the room, and a group of us went to breakfast on Wednesday! Then a huge group of kids from the ward surprised her with cake (: What would I do without an awesome roommate like her?!

Last night I went to sleep at 11. Do you hear that? ELEVEN P.M. Definitely a record. and Cady and I watched The Paradise {once again. so great}. Then I woke up super late. And let me tell you, sleeping is the greatest.

Today Sam and I went to the Bijou Craft sale! Everything was sooo cute. And now I'm pretty convinced that my life calling is to make cute printables... sadly I'm only kind of joking. everything just made me want to decorate a place of living that's larger than a dorm room. seriously.

{This is called a lack of pictures from the week...}

What am I going to do once this girl is on a mission?! Who will go to blogger meet-ups with me?! SHE GETS HER CALL THIS WEEK!!

On another note. shout out to the Montrose High School football team for winning semi-finals after a double overtime! Headed to state! So proud to be an MHS Indian! {ok, to have been a montrose indian} My facebook feed is blowing up with "congrats MHS football" statuses.

Also, 2 days until I'm home! Having everyone text me/snapchat me about when I'll be back is making me approximately 1234 times more excited! I'm ready for a girls day with kelsey/dinner with katie/coffee trader with sam/breakfast with all the girls. and I'm ready to be at home with my family. oh, how I'm ready for that. I'm about to start counting down the hours. {but actually.}

2 days left and counting! Now... off to spend the afternoon on homework..

Erica Michelle

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