Saturday, April 13, 2013

exciting news // music.

well, I got back from FCCLA state and then immediately went to the Pavilion to play in a quintet (is that the word?) for the CASA benefit. let me tell you people... I am tired.

well... I do have very exciting news however!



yep... year two(: remember how we went to Orlando, Florida last summer for FCCLA nationals? Yep, this year Nationals is in Nashville! So... yes. All four of us (that's right, both Montrose teams) qualified, and yes, we totally and 100% plan to attend (heck, I'm not going to girls camp or trek this year, so why not?!?).

Maybe I should rephrase that sentence. We plan to attend as soon as we find a way to fundraise for a large majority of the money. So... yeah. But check out the hotel that we'll be staying at!!!

Note: this is the INSIDE of the hotel. holy crimony.

(google images)

So... yeah. I'll write a ton more about our little trip to Denver for State Competition. As soon as I get some pictures uploaded. At this point I feel like wrapping up in a blanket and watching Brave. So that's what I'm going to do.

But before I do that, I have wanted to update ya'lls on my current obsession of music. In reality, I've owned their first CD since the day that one of their songs was free on iTunes like a year ago. And their second CD didn't disappoint either. But for the last couple of months or so, ALL I DO is listen to Two Door Cinema Club.

So, yeah. Anywho. Hope everyone is having a fantastic day, and my State Competition will be up soon! (hopefully tomorrow). I just thought I'd let everyone know about our wonderful GOLD MEDAL!

Erica Michelle

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