Monday, April 22, 2013

prom 2013.

Prom was SOOOOOOOO fun, and my date, Jacob, was absolutely wonderful (:

We went with Katie and her date (Nate) and another couple (Davis and Caitlin) that I hadn't met before. but it turned out to be a night to remember!

First, we went to dinner at Nate's, then the Grand March, then the dance, drive in, and back to my house at 3 a.m. for breakfast! Anywho... I am a failure blogger and didn't take ANY pictures! So, I stole some of the one's that Jacob's parents had taken (:

And... that was that. It was absolutely SOOO MUCH FUN!!! And, a great end in the chapter of my life titled "high school dances". Basically, I got to spend ALL DAY getting ready, running to wal-mart, getting our nails and hair done, and just everything with Katie, then I got to spend the evening dancing like crazy with all these dorks that I call my best friends (:
oh, and my date was better than yours. just sayin (:

Erica Michelle

 p.s. 16 more days of school and 26 days total until graduation!!... I need to go do homework so I don't fail some of my classes...


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