Thursday, July 31, 2014

summer update.


So I'm currently telling myself that the reason I have become so bad at blogging lately is actually because I'm saving all my superior blogging skills for L O N D O N {34 days my friends!} Good enough excuse, am I right? But because I've learned how much I love looking back at my blog, I'll do a quick update on this summer {because, memories.}

***The only thing that stands between me and turning in my mission papers is a couple blood tests, 2 interviews, and EXACTLY ONE MONTH. I can't even tell you how much I want to turn them in. It's a weird feeling knowing that I didn't even consider a mission for almost 19 years of my life, and now I can't think of my life without it. 

***I went to the valley for the 24th {remember last year?} Which also included horseback riding, family meals galore, and riding the Cumbres and Toltec Railraod! It's the highest, longest narrow-gage railroad in the world! It took us through the prettiest places... I didn't take my good camera so yay for phones.

this was post family ping pong tournament. zach beat me {BARELY} in quarter finals. That bracket should have been mine and Amanda's.

back of the cabin!!^^

sorry, that was quite the set of random pictures. but it's late and I think I forgot how to blog.

***YSA activites...

***saying goodbye to Kayla. SHE'S OFFICIALLY IN THE PHILIPPINES. I will admit that I did my fair share of crying, it's been hard not being able to send her a random text, or call about stupid things, or snapchat something weird. But she's doing what she's supposed to and I am so happy for her! Here's her blog:

the last picture with all three mileys before we reunite #byu2016

***this is what the other {non-working} part of my summer looks like:

saying goodbye to lloyd^^

I miss these people. Most of them are on missions {seriously though. all my friends are on missions. Kayla, Dylan, Michael, Sam, Lloyd... and quite a few other's have their calls. it makes checking my email about 100 times better}

*** HUNTER WAS CALLED TO KOBE JAPAN!!!!! {yes, that many exclamation points were necessary.} It's the same mission as Dylan. Seriously, of all the missions in the world, 2 of my greatest friends get to be together!

Well. there was your series of low-quality photos from Erica. you're welcome. I hope you guys are all having a wonderful summer! I sure am {in a weird sort of way.} It feels like it's dragged by, but I just tell myself that this is my last summer home... I'm on to bigger and better things, folks! But it's not all bad. I've loved getting to know the Montrose kids a little bit better and I've loved rewatching The Paradise with my mom {the ending is just a heart wrenching the second time through, I promise} and going to dairy queen with Zach.

Alright. I'm gonna get all sappy on you now, this is my blog: I miss BYU and my friends there more than I can even describe. I know it's corny and I know that it's all I seem to talk about. But listen, I had the best 8 months. ever. It's not the situation where I look back at it and make it seem better than it really was... every moment truly was great. I miss the HBLL {is it weird to miss a library?} I miss homework {I really, really do. my life honestly feels somewhat pointless when I come home after work with nothing left to do. I've taken to reading real books. I'll post a picture of my amazon purchases sometime, it's actually really weird. but I love it? i know.} I miss late night talks with Cady and Kayla. I miss CANC dinners with half my ward. I miss weekly devotionals. I miss crazy three a.m. adventures to the crepe place or dennys. I miss tunnel singing and vendy runs before church. everything. it's not that I hated high school, I actually really liked it. but college was the first time I felt like I really had somewhere to be {wow. that was corny. I shouldn't blog past midnight} Oh, BYU I love you so much.

But I'm trying to not think about it as much. I have so much ahead of me. I have a study abroad, a mission, and three more years at byu.  I have stacks of missionaries to write. I have packing lists to write. but I have a feeling the future is going to be just dandy {different, definitely. but still great.} Bring it.

Kay, sappy I-miss-byu moment over. I'm going to try to post more, for my own sake. sheesh. blogging isn't that time-consuming, I don't know why I've slacked!


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