Thursday, July 10, 2014

best friends take gilbert.

I'm sure you're dying to know why I fell off the face of the blogging world over the last month {am I right??}. it goes something like this:

*phone rings* "Good afternoon, this is Erica" "so and so is on line 2!" & "how many copies do you want?" & "is that for the FUTA or SUTA? do you want me to do their 941 too?"


"what size of coke?" & "do you want butter on that popcorn?" with the oh-so-great "enjoy your show!"


*finally changes into sweatpants*
*watches "The Paradise" with my mom*
*reads one of the many books I ordered with my Amazon giftcard since my textbooks for fall are super cheap {heck yes.}*
*watches documentary*
*goes to bed at 10 pm*

...and that, my friends, is my last month summed up. See why blogging about it turns out to be rather hard? yep. me too.

For the sole purpose of visiting Cady {unfortunately plane tickets to Ohio to see Kayla were about 4 times as expensive...}

And now I'm going to explain the entire trip in a very extensive series of selfies and awkward pictures:
{pics or it didn't happen, right?}


Baptisms in the new Gilbert Temple... fun fact: I'm pretty convinced this is a VERY close second to my favorite temple. But Oquirrh Mountain is still my favorite because you know, why not?

"Another meal, another Diet Coke"  ---our motto.
GUYS. THIS PLACE IS THE GREATEST INVENTION. you pick your cookies, you pick your ice cream, they make it into an ice cream sandwich. FOR TWO DOLLARS.

diet coke for dayz.

how else do you survive during an AZ summer? Swimming. lots and lots of swimming.
sno-cones. yes. these were THE best.

Cady's family has a pizza oven in their back yard! It was so fun making our own pizzas and eating with the Sister Missionaries!

my best friend is cute.

We saw the play "The Miracle Worker" about the woman who taught Helen Keller. It was absolutely amazing!

fun fact: Cady and her prom date took their pictures here. coincidently, that picture was Cady's profile picture when she commented on something on FB about living in Taylor Hall. So I facebook stalked her and decided she would be a cool friend. A year later and here we are. (:

Pazookies at Oreganos! {pazookie: large cookie fresh out of the oven, but still doughy. toped with ice cream. aka my new favorite food}

Fortune cookies!

Saying goodbye to Lloyd! I will definitely miss google hang outs with all these guys.

Who can resist $5 walmart t-shirts? We <3 America

fishing for Crawdads at Cady's cabin!

Say hello to matching pj's

watching Newsies! ...definitely my new favorite musical. anyone want to take me to broadway??

We spent at least 5 minutes just laying in bed between every activity.
swim-lay in bed-go get food- lay in bed- go running- lay in bed- watch a movie - lay in bed.
it was an exhausting trip.

saying goodbye was rough. seriously.

It was such an awesome trip! I missed our crazy conversations {we may or may not have spent a solid 2 hours planning our future business plans including all of our friends teaching languages and having an outdoor preschool and a self-sustaining community. don't worry about it} I missed having someone I could reminisce about BYU with. oh, and the HBLL. yes, we had several conversations about all the good times {and bad} spent in the library. I missed having an awesome running buddy. and laughing until I cried. I loved getting to know her family more and getting to spend a couple days at their cabin in Prescott! ...not to mention, Gilbert is ADORABLE! Big, but still awesome.

And, as shocked as I am to say this, I LOVE ARIZONA. Guys, it's the greatest! {second, of course, to Colorado.}

I am so glad I got to spend a few days with Cady, but dang is it making the rest of this summer a little rough. Not to mention that everyone is leaving on missions {Kayla reports next week. NEXT WEEK. ah I can't handle this}

My flight home was really rough guys. As we were pulling out the lady next to me asked me about my trip and whatnot. I told her I was just flying home and she asked if I was happy or sad. I said I was really sad to leave and she told me that she could tell. And she asked me about my friends. then she asked about college. and no lie, I spent 5 minutes explaining to a complete stranger how much I love BYU and how every single person I met there has been amazing. Have I told you have much I love BYU?


p.s. are you wondering about the strange statues? read on:
it all started the day we were going to our last 80s night, back at BYU. Cady, Kayla, and I were at DI looking for clothes for the night {poor college students, remember?} when we saw these gems. a quarter a piece. Three matching statues. it was meant to be, right? I laughed and said, let's get matching statues! We bought them as a joke, then they went into a sack and got thrown under my bed.

fast forward to one of our last nights:
Kayla and I were packing up the room and I came across these three matching statues. We kinda looked at them, laughed, and tossed them into our "give to DI" pile. and we headed out to do something. We got back super late {or early in the morning, whatever you prefer} and, well, after some saving from Cady, we took our first {and last} group picture with our matching statues. no more DI for them. they were ours. {ps, go read THIS BLOGPOST for the first picture. don't judge, ok?} When I got back into the room, kayla and cady were on the floor crying/laughing hysterically. Kayla decided to name these statues "Miley" and thus was born the legacy of our matching Mileys. Now that we've gone our own ways, we like to snap a picture miley where ever she is and send it to the group. yeah, we're mature. but what can I say, I can't look at the little statue without thinking of Kayla and Cady!

#fall2016- we'll all be reunited again!


  1. Ahhhh I love you so much! Thoughts while reading this post:
    1. Wow, we ate a lot on this trip...
    2. Did Erica ever introduce Miley on her blog? Because if not this is really awkward..
    3. I want Erica to come back right now.
    Also, I am so so so happy you like Arizona.

  2. Hi Erica! This is actually Laura (Kayla's mom). Just wanted you to know that I LOVE Miley!!! She is on her way to the Philippines!