Sunday, August 3, 2014

Mount Sneffels: 14,157 ft.

I've always wanted to climb a fourteener, and considering the fact that I live in a state with 53 of them, it was high time for me to do it. Yesterday our YSA group drove up Yankee Boy Basin in a couple jeeps, parked at the end of the trail and started hiking. {I mean, the drive itself was entertaining- not enough seats, four-wheel drive road, loud latin music ...thank you RMs... and lots of laughing} Let me tell you one thing, "hiking" is not a good term for it. Let's try "climbing over loose rocks then huge rocks and almost dying on the slippery mud-snow". It was the scariest//most-difficult thing I have ever done in my life, but soo great! {although I complained on the way up... do you know how hard it was to breathe??}The entire morning I kept looking around and thinking "is this real? do I really live in a place this beautiful?"  Once we got to the top, I was amazed. I have never seen anything that gorgeous in my life... and I've seen a lot of pretty places. Oh, I love mountains so much. I feel bad for people that don't live near any. Beaches have nothing on the Rocky Mountains.  n o t h i n g . We were literally in the clouds at the top, it was amazing. I'd say that eating lunch on the top of Mount Sneffels is something every person should do in their lifetime.

Say hello to some not-so-high-quality photographs of one of my favorite days...

^^^pre-climb selfie^^^

^^^Nathaniel taking a nap at the top^^^

^^^have a picture of the random strangers we met... look at that view^^^

^^^The Group! *picture stolen from Andy*^^^

Go climb a mountain, you guys. Your life will get better. My Colorado Pride just increased a crazy amount. I LOVE COLORADO.


P.S. the last couple days have been great. Paddle boarding & hiking with Nathan, working at the theater, hiking a 14er with YSA, and KATIE GOT ENGAGED!!!! I am so happy for her! Alex is such a great guy and they are an awesome couple. I really am heartbroken that I'll be in London during her wedding and that I won't be able to throw a bridal shower for her, but dang am I excited. Life doesn't turn out how you plan it, that's for sure. But goodness is she getting ready for some awesome adventures in her life. I love you Katie and I'm so glad to call you one of my best friends. I knew the instant I saw your incoming call yesterday afternoon. I knew it. I couldn't be happier for someone.

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