Tuesday, July 23, 2013

pioneer days.

Every year my family goes does to "The Valley" {basically mini utah} to celebrate the 24th of July. It's probably my favorite week of the year, minus Christmas! This year was full of parades, family, the demolition derby, and of course... food! Basically, my family reunions revolve around where the next HUUGGGEE meal is going to be!

This year, Danielle and her family, my parents, and I stayed in our cabin. Ahh... it's so dang beautiful there!

View from the back porch of the cabin! 
painting of the cabin hanging up... in the cabin.


This is Amanda... one of my closest cousins!

The floats at the parades are AMAZING! And Evan and Caitlin loved the candy!

Like I said... the food we have at these reunion-type-of-things is... excessive. absolutely delicious though! There's always soooo much. And the traditions! Lunch at my Aunt Nancy's after the thursday parade, hamburgers from the church hamburger stand on Friday//picnic in the park. The carnival rides that make me want to be sick. Then dinner at the cabin. Thennn... the pioneer days youth dance!

Then the Demolition Derby! This year's derby was the best yet!

can we just talk about the fact that there IS A PERSON INSDIE of that car? I freaked out... but he was totally ok. no worries.

Goodness... I realized I slacked at taking pictures of everyone! Sorry {next year for sure}. 

And now the list of 
things I learned.
-you can tell the people who just married into our family by seeing what pop they order. As my aunt says, Diet Coke runs in our veins. {it's not just me... my mom's entire family only drinks diet coke}
-there's something about cowboys
-I adore little towns. they're so personal. 
-I love my family. so so so so much.
-city 'folk' call it soda, people from the valley call it pop. don't get it mixed up.
-If I'm around an accent for too long {like the "valley" accent} I come home talking weird.
-fry bread is the best... I forget every single year, then I get some at the carnival, and I remember how much I love it.
-Horses are still scary.

Well... there you have it. One of the best pioneer days! Well worth taking a few days off of work to hang out with some amazing people. 

Erica Michelle

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