Friday, July 11, 2014

wisdom teeth, say what?

today I got my wisdom tooth {yes, singular} removed. I only have two {maybe I don't have enough wisdom for all four?}, and only one of them had to be removed. they didn't even put me to sleep... they just numbed my mouth and about 5 minutes later, after some very intense pressure, my wisdom tooth was gone! seriously, I don't know why people complain, it was soo easy (;
it did mean that I had tapioca pudding for dinner and chocolate pudding for dessert. not too shabby! and I couldn't talk properly most of the night. and I had {and still somewhat have} one stellar chipmunk cheek. and it actually does hurt, but I can't really complain. One step closer for my mission papers!

I also forgot to mention that my dad and I rode Corkskrew Pass into Silverton a couple weeks ago! My parents love that trail but it's a little too hard for me to drive, so my mom stayed home and my dad and I took the Razor so I could see it! It was absolutely gorgeous and the top of it has the best views. {p.s. elevation: 13,000. yep. Me and my dad's walk to get to the top of the hill got me out of breathe} This sounds so weird, but I love being above tree line. We also drove into Silverton and ate lunch and had delicious fudge and it was fantastic! {hey. please also appreciate our Colorado blue sky. there's nothing like it.}

I love Colorado.


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  1. Holy cow this is gorgeous. Super jealous right now.