Monday, February 24, 2014

my friends are the absolute best.

Kelsey and Sam both know me so well! {AKA they both know my addiction to mugs, hot chocolate, Target, and the idea of London}.

I woke up this morning with a message saying I had a package... and this is what it was:

{Sam is the sweetest} 

And the other day, Kelsey sent this ADORABLE mug to me! I've been wanting this mug for months, ever since I saw it at target last fall, and she knew that so she decided to help a poor college girl out and buy it for me! She is the most amazing ever. {on another note, the other mug in the picture was also made by Kelsey... talent}

Sometimes I'm amazed by how lucky I am to have such wonderful best friends (: I miss them both so much! Colorado is too far away.

Thank you girls! These made my day soo much better!


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