Saturday, February 1, 2014

intramural champs+some awesome dates//other stuff.

First things first, guess who won our division of BYU intramural mixed doubles tennis? Dylan and I. Yes, yes, we're proud too (:

Secondly, I went on an AWESOME & CREATIVE date last Saturday?? Yep... Hunter and I used {in my case, nonexistent} artistic skills on a Jackson Pollock inspired painting date. {Hunter, however, is a fantastic artist... unfair.} I highly suggest this, folks. It was seriously great fun!

I know you wish that your phone camera was as high-quality as mine (;

Then a group of us went to the men's volleyball game. After that I went Disco Roller Blading! {I mean, I literally cannot roller blade to save my life... the poor guy I went with... but still a great night!}

Here. Have a picture of Cady and I laying on Kayla's bed, being lonely because Kayla has a job and whatnot {so does Cady... I am the outlier here....}. So she wasn't hanging out with us. Tuesdays and Thursdays are rough with her at work. Lame.

Here. Have another high-quality photo of Cady, Hunter, and I at Roll Up Cafe {aka the best crepe place in the world}. Sometimes you hit a limit on the amount of homework you can do... which is where 11 p.m. crepe runs come in handy.

Oh wait, now you get to see the adorable picture of Caitlin and Evan that Danielle sent me. My nephew and niece should get the award for being the cutest Bronco's fans (:

This is the truth of life, Cady and I decided. Last semester we went the "Social Life" and "Good Grades" route. This semester we're going the "Good Grades" and "Sleep" route. D's get degrees... but unfortunately they don't get you BYU scholarships. {poor college student problems}. Plus... I'm pretty sure 95% of my nightmares revolve around failing tests. A's are a lot harder to come by than they were in high school. So, yeah, that's fun. I guess doing well in school kinda makes a person feel better too (:

Sam sent me an application I'm supposed to fill out after going on more than 2 dates with someone because she's so far away. My best friend is  h i l a r i o u s  folks.

Once again... I just really enjoy music so here's the soundtrack of the day:

And of course- the pin of the day:

Sometimes we get caught up in trying to be the person that other people want us to be. Even when those other people want what's best for us, that doesn't mean they they know us. They don't know all of our goals or our thoughts or our wishes. Ultimately, only you and Heavenly Father know who you truly are. And that, my friends, is why I think that being true to who you are is possibly the most important thing you can do. {did that sentence make sense?}

Here's to a great weekend! {one full of studying for my 4 midterms and 2 papers that all fall next week. oh yay.}

Erica Michelle

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