Thursday, February 20, 2014

advice from my best friend and a random blog.

last night, as I was taking a break from homework, I decided to go read Sam's blog. She had a post of 50 little tid-bits of advice that I highly suggest looking at... it's right here.

My top favorites from her advice would have to be:

     4. Don't compare your boyfriend to Gilbert Blythe. It's not fair to your boyfriend or you.
     9. Don't lose yourself trying to love someone else.
     17. It's more important to support things you believe in then it is to hate things you disagree with.
     22. It's ok to go to movies by yourself.
     23. Don't use people and love things, love people and use things.
     26. If you want to be happily married, marry a happy person.
     30. There's no heartache Mr. Darcy and a giant bowl of ice cream can't help.
     31. Stop saying 'I Wish' and start saying 'I Will'
     35. We're all the people we chose to be.
     42. Hot showers make all bad things seem a lot less bad.
     49. Prince Charming isn't a fairy tale, he's a myth.
     50. Stop seeking out the storms and enjoy more fully the sunlight.

Also, a friend on facebook shared this blog post with some good advice {specifically, I'm a huge fan of advice #1 and #6} Seriously, if you ever need some therapy, just go read some lifestyle blogs and do some Pinterest quote searching. You will feel better, guaranteed.

And now I'll leave you with my favorite quote of the moment {thank you Pinterest!}:

{this quote is from her book "small and simple things". It's a great book, folks.}



  1. I love that Gilbert Blythe and Mr. Darcy made their way into the list of advice!

    1. hahaha yeahhh... somehow that happened. probably because they are may favorite fictional people {or just people in general}!

  2. hahaha oh man every girl has loved gilbert blythe if you wanted to or not. this is AWESOME advice. haha thank you for sharing this! made my night.

    1. I couldn't agree me about the Gilber Blythe love! Thanks for stopping by (:

  3. I love you! And I miss you sooooo much. Come back to Colorado just for a few days so we can hang out :)

    1. I love you soooo much! I wish I could be there :/