Monday, January 6, 2014

music monday & and new years resolutions.

Right now I'm pretty obsessed with this song. I have a really weird taste in music, so I'm excited that I like a song that'll actually have a chance of playing on the radio... and it also means that I want to tell every person I know about it!

Listen to it. Do it.

This song makes me so happy! I'm pretty sure I've listened to nothing else over the last couple days. It puts me in such a good mood, I tell you. It's also a fantastic way to start your day off. Thirdly, it definitely applies to my life because I think it could be renamed to "Best Year of My Life" because I'm pretty psyched for this year soooo...

I'm ready for 2014 and everything that comes with it (:

New Years Resolutions:

*don't let things stress me out. I only get one freshmen year, so I might as well live it up!
*be healthier {no, I'm not saying run a marathon, but I do plan on getting up to do insanity with Cady and Kayla more often}
*get 7 hours of sleep for the majority of nights {this is going to be a struggle living in the dorms}
*leave my phone in my backpack during the day... and don't check it more than once an hour.
*delete all social media apps off my phone other than twitter and instagram. {check. done.}
*leave earlier so I can walk to class slower. then introduce myself and sit by new people in class.
*completely quit saying "like" {Cady and I have been working on this, and let me tell you, it's really tough}

I am so excited for this new semester and for the year in general! If you have a list of New Years resolutions, feel free to leave a link below... Hope you are all having a great beginning to 2014!

Erica Michelle

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