Thursday, January 9, 2014

best semester ever: version 2.0.

Do you know what this week is? This week is the beginning of my second semester of college. More on that in a minute, though. I'm here to tell you that if you don't own a pair of these pants from Cotton On, you do not understand how to be happy. {kidding.. kinda.}

yes, we posed for a picture wearing our matching pjs. judge us.

Really- this is for your benefit though. you don't understand what comfort is until you purchase these pants. they are about a million times more comfortable than sweatpants {yes. that is possible} and they were on sale for 8 dollars soooo... yeah. I may never wear anything else ever again. ever. and if you combine them with a pair of fuzzy socks, it's basically perfection. From now on, the second I'm back at the dorm for the night, you will find me in these pjs. trust me.

On another note: this semester will be really interesting. Let's just say that I've already spent multiple nights doing homework wayy too late. {and it's only day four} And I've remembered the importance of index cards, free white noise apps, and finding a good spot in the library. oh, and I've also learned that ordering your books 1 week in advance is not enough {says the girl who couldn't read the sociology chapter because she doesn't have the book and neither does the library}. It's ok though. This semester is going to be really difficult and tiring and everything else, but we also decided that it's going to be the best semester ever (: Plus I am actually really interested in the majority of my classes, which makes them seem a little bit easier!

Happy thursday to all of you!

Erica Michelle

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