Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas break.

Christmas break was the best!

1. I got to see my siblings and sibling-in-laws and niece and nephew! {and I got to talk to Zach on Christmas!}

Look at these cute little kids! My dad built them a rocking horse {yep, my dad is awesome} that he gave to them for Christmas.

2. I got to work at the theater... have I told you how much I love that job? I'm thinking about just dropping out of college and moving back in with my parents {that was sarcasm, don't worry! Although I really do love that job}

3. I got to hang out with Kelsey and her ADORABLE new Maltipoo puppy quite a bit over the two weeks. I am going to state this right now: I will own an adorable dog in my future life. No joke.

4. I watched Frozen 4 times, yes it was that good. And I also saw The Book Thief {I highly recommend}, The Hobbit, and Anchorman 2 {which I don't highly recommend whatsoever}. And I also realized that I have an absolute LOVE for theaters. And they're a million times better when you get in free (:

5. I spent New Years Eve with these hilarious kids:

{we attempted a photo booth that didn't exactly work out...}

sparkling cider, of course!

The 2 weeks off were exactly what I needed, but I'm definitely ready for a new semester at BYU!

Happy new year!

Erica Michelle

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