Saturday, August 10, 2013

once 5 best friends went camping.

ahhh... it was so much fun! Laughing hysterically {understatement} and making memories. it was great (:

We went camping in the most beautiful place! It's called the east portal and it's right by the river in Black Canyon. You drive down one of the steepest paved roads in the US and get to this b e a u t i f u l  camp site! Kels, Sam, and I went down to set up camp, then we came back to all go support Kym as she got her Venture Scouting Silver Award! {it's a big deal. think eagle scout- big deal}, then we went back to the camp site, and PARTAYYYEEDD. with a camp fire, s'mores, and the five of us {crazy huh?} It was a great, great night (:

Since this is the last time we'll be together for a while {thanks a lot college and missions}, we tried to make it special. We all got superhero shirts, and kels made us these adorable letters behind the reasoning for the shirt.

Now, every time I put on my batman shirt, I'll always remember the girls who got me through everything. This was our last sleepover for who knows how long, but we made a promise that this isn't the end our friendship. Whether it be our mission farewells, weddings, just whatever... we're best friends and we've always got each others backs. Gosh, I love these girls so much! You know that saying that goes like "pick your friends wisely, because you become like them"? well it's true, and I couldn't be happier about it.

FiveM for life.

I love you girls and thanks for being the most amazing friends I could wish for.

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