Thursday, August 8, 2013

I have 18 days.

I was born and raised in Colorado and now that I'm about to leave it, I'm starting to notice that I live in such a beautiful place and I'm going to miss it so much! Speaking of that, all the girls are going camping, and I cannot wait (:

I leave for BYU in 18 days. EIGHTEEN DAYS! Next week we leave for Boston, then I'll get home, have a couple days to pack and then I'm off! Oh, the adventures that are to come.

And in other news, I've spent basically all day watching YouTube videos of girls opening their mission calls. It's sooo exciting thinking that I could be on a mission next summer! Ah. The decisions.

Erica Michelle

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  1. Ahhh this basically sums up how I felt after moving out as well. bittersweet indeed.

    What is a mission call? Do they send where you're going in an envelope, because that sounds so exciting. I must go google this!