Thursday, August 22, 2013

boston {part 2}.

We got to go to the Red Socks vs. Yankees game on Friday night! They completely and epically lost... but it's ok, because I got a cool hat! plus, as mean as this sounds, it was a little funny hearing the entire stadium boo and chant "you do steroids" whenever a-rod was up to bat.

Outside of watching a few minutes of high school baseball games, plus a Rockies game literally about 10 years ago... this was my first actual baseball game! And I do believe I've found myself a new favorite sport to watch (:

GUESS WHAT? I got to cross off something on my bucket list! I stood on top of a light house! And the light house was just fascinating and beautiful!!!

We rented bicycles and rode through the most beautiful part of Cape Cod! {seriously, though}

Touring the oldest commission ship in the US Navy {all the way from the revolutionary war!}... the USS Constitution.

Plimoth plantation! {everyone was dressed up like the pilgrims... and they talked like it too... quite hard to understand}

Plus the last couple days we stayed right on the ocean in Cape Cod!

We toured some cool Boston sites and Lexington and Concord {see... I told you that I'm not going in order}

annnnddd we took this great picture!

We drove to Newport, Rhode Island and toured these HUGE mansions! The Vanderbilt mansion was 138,000 square feet. yep, I typed that right. It's like 40 times bigger than my house. literally. It was magnificent, though! It basically felt like I was touring Downton Abbey {plus we went on the "servants" tour} and the architecture was sooooooooo cool.

they had pretty fancy gates back in those days...

oh hey there Vanderbilt mansion.

And I also decided that I love the east coast for one reason: every thing is green. I mean, seriously, just about every where you look is green! It makes me feel like I live in a desert. but honestly, I loved it.

my future house is going to look just like this. not even this big, just with the cute blue shutters. that's all I ask.

this lady was MAKING LACE. lace. being made. by hand. call me crazy, but it was a shock for me. and so cool.

I have a pretty great family, huh? (:

This family vacation was the best! One thing I noticed, however, was that I've become so used to stars gazing this summer that looking out our hotel porch at the ocean at night was disappointing because you couldn't really see the stars. I think I've truly fallen in love with looking at stars because this summer, I've star gazed with friends {or by myself} a few times every single week. I'm just hoping Provo has stars, or I may just move home and become a bum! {I'm only semi joking.}

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