Wednesday, August 21, 2013

boston {part 1}.

As soon as we flew into Boston, I knew I would love it. I mean, look at this view...

We rented a beautiful, super old {in a good way}, brick town house right on Boston Harbor.

The view from the porch was absolutely stunning! I spent every single breakfast {while we were in the house} watching airplanes take off. it was quite fantastic really!

The middle picture is the view of Boston from our porch at night! The other two are from different days. I swear, Boston is the prettiest, cleanest city I've ever been to!

In case you didn't know, we took this trip with my Aunt {Mom's sister}, Uncle, and 2 of my cousins {Adam and David}. Danielle, and Ryan and Tiffany flew in for part of the trip!

I took these pictures as we were leaving on the Whale Watch!

We only saw one whale on the trip, but we did get to spend a good few hours cruising on the ocean! So it was definitely worth it... at least I thought so. David and Adam weren't quit as enthusiastic (;

We also got to visit the Boston Temple and do baptisms! The temple was quite amazing!

although the photos were not as amazing...

Next came the seafood. And ohhhh how it was delicious! We ate at quite a few seafood places, and ever single one was to die for. PLUS I had my first legit lobster dinner! {and I promise, as delicious as lobster is to eat, I will never again order a lobster where I have to crack it open, and each it while still seeing its eyes and antennas. it was a bad situation.} I also had the best clam chowder AND salmon I have ever had in my life. no joke.

I know that I'm completely messing up the order of events, so I'm just gonna roll with it! We got to tour both Harvard and the JFK Museum! Both were way awesome (:

And Harvard was all fancy and stuff... don't worry, I got an acorn to take home. It shall forever be known as my Harvard Souvenir.

Well, I feel like that's a long enough post for now! Next is my first real baseball game, cape cod, touring mansions {imagine downton abbey} and the USS Constitution!

Best. Vacation. Ever.

Erica Michelle


  1. looks like such a fun trip! I love Boston!

  2. Totally fell in love with Boston when I visited too! Looks like you had a great time :)