Tuesday, July 9, 2013

water fights//drive-in//boating//work.

well, hello there! I have finally gotten around to uploading my iphone pictures to my laptop... so here's my last few days.

My friends and I planned the most epic water fight EVER! I didn't get many pictures because it was just too much dang fun! Let just say that it consisted of about 1000 water balloons, water guns, other water stuff, and ended with a slip-n-slide. It was possibly the best day ever.

We went to the drive-in last week to see Now You See Me and After Earth... yepp... my town has a drive in! I love it (:

Here, have a crappy picture of the screen!

Also... I adore my job. Look at these cute kids!

I did all my college *dorm room* shopping! Hello under-the-bed organizers, hangers, hampers, ice cube trays, towels, and of course... my new bedspread! (which we had to order online from target because it was out of stock)

Sunday was spent eating homeade Blueberry-Lemon pound cake and homeade ice cream (my mommy rocks) and watching the Men's Wimbledon Final! (I was quite disappointed with the outcome.)

Last nigh was spent boating (of course). Just my parents and I! AAANNNDDD... drum roll please... I can finally jump- like actually get air! (from only one way, but I'm not going to say that out loud). So that was quite exciting!

And, I believe that's it! Sorry I've slacked on the blogging aspect of things, this summer is flying by!

Erica Michelle

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