Tuesday, July 16, 2013

quilts//cops//dennys//midnight adventures//liebster.

Oh goodness, so much to blog about!

First of all, Sam and I have a friend that works at Panchero's... that meant that after a long night of games and jumping on a tramp {and most of the kids jumping into the pool with regular clothes on} Sidney called us and offered us the left over rice. We went and picked it up {in a sack... yes, a sack of rice} and we then sat around a table eating rice for an hour or so. It truly was great rice.

Sunday, my mom, me, and one of the lady's from our ward went to a quilt show! {this is my inner weirdo coming out}. It was beyond amazing! Some of those quilts are spectacular!

The lady on the left spent 10 hours a day for 8 months working on this quilt! AMAZING. 

Newest bucket list item: make a quilt. even if it's super basic. 

Then there was a missionary farewell! My friend Aimee is heading to the Siberia (as in, freezing cold Russia) mission! I didn't grab any pictures, but I'm so excited for her!

Then came the adventures of Monday. It included Denny's at midnight, then Katie decided she wanted to walk back to her car at Walmart. I pulled over and she wouldn't let me drive her so I told her I'd meet her at her car {don't worry, Nate was there too... I wasn't going to let her walk alone!}

Well, as I was pulling out, a cop came, flipped around, and stopped Katie and Nate and asked them who I was, as well as who Hayden {creeper van guy} was and why they were walking this late at night and where they were going and stuff. They explained that they were seriously just going to their cars, and had insisted on walking. 

I laughed for a good 10 minutes straight while katie told me the story!!

Well, Maria over at "Sewn by Maria" nominated me for the Liebster award, but since I already did one long post about it {right here} I'm not going to do another one. However, I will answer her questions because I love answering questions!

1. Why do you blog?
I blog to remember. I love saving memories in a way that lets me include photos, and videos, and links. I love it! And that's probably the biggest reason why I couldn't imagine trying to blog for an income. Blogging is so much more personal then that! I like the freedom of my blog.
2. Dogs or Cats?
Neither. or both. I loved my miniature poodle {we had to put her down last year} and I adore a few of the dogs I dog sit. That being said, I can not stand big dogs, or yappy dogs, or dogs that shed. I just want a maltese dog. or a kitten. that never grows up.
3. What is your favorite color?
It seriously changes EVERY SINGLE DAY. however, I am in love with aqua blue, yellow, and gray at the moment.
4. What is the strangest food you've ever eaten?
Um... I've eaten a few insects. That's about as crazy as I've gotten.
5. What is your favorite movie?
SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM! and it depends on my mood... but probably North and South, Oceans 11, Brave, and of course Harry Potter {the books are still better though}
6. What's your favorite music genre?
Anything but country or heavy metal {or hardcore rap}
7. What do you want to be when you grow up?
I wish I could be an event planner. If I could be anything, that's what I'd do. That being said, I'm going to be a teacher and hopefully I get to influence teenagers lives!
8. If you got to name your own planet, what would you name it?
Umm... I've never thought about that...
9. Who is your hero?
My mom of course! She is such a great example (:
10. What is your favorite holiday and why?
Ahhh... crap. ever single holiday! Actually probably Thanksgiving or Christmas because those are the times when there's lots of delicious food, and I get to see my family!
11. What is your favorite family tradition?
I have so many of them! I love playing board games or ping pong with my siblings, or... ummm celebration {pioneer day} is always great!

Anyways, I'm heading to celebration//family reunion// cabin tomorrow! I'm so very excited to see my family!

Erica Michelle


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