Wednesday, July 10, 2013

100th post//dog-sitting//water baseball.

This is officially my 100th post! It's been 13 months since my first blog post {on this blog that is} and 100 posts later, I still adore blogging! It's a great way to record the events in my life, and share some of my awesome experiences with others!

Well... the last few days I got to dogsit Annie.
Dear future husband: if you won't let me own a female maltese puppy, we're not getting married.

Isn't she adorable?!

Anywho, last night was so much fun! We had our summer activity for mutual which included water baseball, pizza, and root beer floats {how much bette could it get?}

Water baseball included a tub of water you had to stand in for 1st base, a kiddie pool you had to sit in for a 2 base, a big block of ice to stand on for 3rd, and a slip-n-slide that you had to reach the end on for a home run! Seriously the best game ever! We played with a waffle ball and plastic bat.

After mutual some of us went to the drive-in to watch Man of Steel {yes, i've seen it three times} and Iron Man 3... fantastic I tell you even though I didn't get home till after 2 a.m.

my main man, Superman!

And that's all!

Erica Michelle

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