Tuesday, July 23, 2013

99% of my friends left me for Trek.

Well... this week our stake youth went on Trek!

Real fast: for those of you who are like "what the heck is this trek thing you speak of" let me explain. Basically, youth ages 14-18 in my church, plus the adult leaders, dress up like the pioneers {bonnets and all} and walk a portion of the Mormon trail in memory of our ancestors! It is an AMAZING experience pulling a handcart, walking in your skirt, in the heat. It really makes you appreciate what it took for the early pioneers to get to the Salt Lake Valley!

I had the opportunity to go 4 years ago... oh, how I wish I had pictures to show you! My trek experience was really weird. The day of the Women's Pull it was near 100 degrees, but just the next day it got to the mid 20's and hailed//rained//snowed. It was honestly one of the coldest experiences walking in the freezing cold rain through puddles pulling all of our stuff in a handcart up Rocky Ridge. {yes, I had a rain poncho... but the bottom of my skirt was drenched.} Even though it was a phenomenal experience, by the fourth day I was ready to go home!

Anyways, every four years my Stake goes on Trek. This is the year! I decided not to go because I couldn't take that much work off, and yes I'm regretting that now. Yesterday, I saw them off though {at 4:45 in the morning}

boys go on trek too.....

What a great experience! I'm so very excited for them and can't wait till they get back to hear all about it!

The only downfall is that 99% of my friends are now out of town {last night I hung out with Kelsey though! At least there's one person!}

Erica Michelle

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