Friday, June 7, 2013

why I've disappeared.

Today has been insane. It started at 5:45 when my dad woke me up because my room wasn't all the way clean (sadly, I had been warned that that would happen) and it was crazy all day. Between working every afternoon//all afternoon (plus a few nights), and addressing a million thank you notes, and cleaning, and whatnot, it's been insane.

By the way, today is my mommy's birthday! (More on that tomorrow when I can get pictures from our computer... what's a post without any pictures??)

But, in other news... this past school year my mom and dad started watching Downton Abbey (starting from the beginning of the series). I was too swamped with school to watch with them, but last week I watched the entire first season- it's not exaggerating to say that I think I'm obsessed with it. Today, just in the couple hours from my mom's birthday dinner, my mom and I have watched 4 episodes of the second season... it is killing me. I'm watching it as I blog, I just felt like I needed to explain my lack of... well, doing anything. (please, if you ruin this show for me, I will bawl.) Anyways, I don't think I'll be doing anything productive until I'm done with the second and third season. And it is taking every single ounce of self-restrait to not just google what happens since everyone has told me horror stories about the last episode of season three. And it is stressing me out. So very, very much. ugggghhhhh.

ok, sorry. today has been crazy. and so I'm behind in blogging. and laundry. and every thing else. sorry. kay, as soon as I'm done with the stinkin show I'll blog, and thrift shop, and think about my life (which is complicated enough... but not what I want to blog about at this time, or ever). Just.... yeah. So much and so crazy busy. But tomorrow I don't work, so hopefully that'll help quite a little bit. Well, time to go watch another episode...

Erica Michelle

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