Monday, June 3, 2013

blogging challenge.

I found this little gem on Pinterest awhile back and decided to take the challenge (anyone care to join me??) I think it'll be fun, and I've really only used my new{ish} camera a few times. Soooo, I'm starting it on Wednesday!

You see, I still have a post about Utah and my temple trip, and an after-work out smoothie I have fallen in love with (yep... I ran 5 miles today!... actually "ran" is a loose term, more like attempted to run but walked like half) and I must blog about those things. Today will be the temple trip post, and tomorrow will be my smoothie! Oh, also, this girl and I had a cooking day last week, so I have a delicious award-winning apple pie to show you too! Coming soon.

Erica Michelle

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