Friday, June 28, 2013

the last post about FCCLA.

This post is dedicated to Moses Hunter!

*please note: Moses took first in his event and is going to nationals!!*

Next week is FCCLA Nationals in Nashville, Tennessee. And it makes me soo sad that we're not going. Katie and I took first place {and Sam and Caitlin took first in their event too!} meaning that we qualified for Nationals. {I blogged about it here and here} Qualifying for Nationals is sorta, kinda, a really big deal. Ok, no, but seriously, it's really awesome. But Katie and I decided not to go due to a few reasons. First of all I'm working two jobs so I was worried about taking off too much work {wanna know the sad part? I HAVE NEXT WEEK OFF OF ONE OF MY JOBS.} also, Katie spent three weeks in the Dominican Republic for HEFY {yes, it was very sad not being able to talk to her for 3 weeks}, and Nashville was going to be expensive. Both Katie and I are trying to save for college, soooo...

So we decided not to go, and I'm sad about it. I think I can honestly say that last year at Nationals in Orlando, Florida was one of the best weeks of my life. {read about it here}

But here we go... the little sentimental, "I love this club" part of the blog post!

FCCLA stands for Family, Career, Community Leaders of America. FCCLA was possibly one of the biggest parts of my high school experience. Through this amazing club I got to hold leadership positions both within my school and chapter, and within the Scenic Country District of Colorado. I got to go to National Cluster meetings in Salt Lake City, Denver, and Albuquerque, state competitions in Denver, and Nationals in Florida, plus district meetings every year. I got to meet so many amazing people and make so many friends (like Moses!) But most importantly, FCCLA taught me more about leadership then I would have possibly thought the day that Ashlee told me to join before Freshman year. If I can give one piece of advice to anyone: JOIN FCCLA during high school. It was the best part of high school {seriously}. Do it. I'm going to miss those weekly after-school baking fundraisers, and those hilarious car rides, and all those trips. FCCLA made memories that I will never forget! {here's all of my blog posts about FCCLA}

Dear Moses,

Go to Nationals and represent Colorado FCCLA. You deserve it! Go take gold and show everyone whose boss! It was awesome going from enemies, to frenemies, to friends! {inside joke.} I'm so grateful I got to meet you last year and good luck at Nationals and at college next year! You will do great, I just wish I was there to cheer for you as they give you gold!!


p.s. are you taking yarnmione to nationals?!?

Well... people... that was it! I think I'm officially done with my "goodbye to blah blah blah from high school" posts! 59 days until move-in day at BYU.

Erica Michelle

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