Monday, June 10, 2013

step one: done.

Last night {or this morning} I registered for my fall 2013 classes! I spent all afternoon yesterday deciding what to take... and trying to get both my music and humanities classes in the schedule without killing me. Well... I finally decided that I'm leaning more for humanities, but I'm still going to do either an orchestra or choir {auditions are the day after I move in!}... well, I'll see where that goes! So I stayed up {and watched another 2 episodes of Downton Abbey} until midnight so I could register the instant it opened! And now, that picture- stolen off the BYU Facebook- represents my future life. One of the 30,000 students wandering around, getting to class!

Just thought I'd let you know. Butttttt... as it is, I am once again failing at blogging and my laundry desperately needs to get done. Oh, and much, much more. Hopefully I'll get everything figured out today, and then it'll be back to normal! Hope you all are having a fantastic monday!

Erica Michelle

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