Friday, January 11, 2013

new years and decisions.

soo, can i just say that i'm tired. tired as in, i don't sleep very much, but also just tired. in every sense of the word. i'm tired of high school, i'm tired of my classes, i'm tired of drama, and overall, i just want to be done. senioritis sucks. also, the last few days have been really really hard. school is stressful, and most of all: i'm STILL in peasant classes. american government. i swear, that teacher has yet to say one thing that i didn't learn in humanities or AP US History, not his fault, but i definitely wish i didn't have to waste an hour a day for the next five months of my life in that class. other then that, advanced photography is wonderful. and i've finally organized myself. History is pretty wonderful, and stats isn't so bad. most of all, i'd like to make the announcement that i got straight A's last semester... doesn't sound like a huge deal, but i'm actually really really proud. i was really worried about AP Stats and AP US History. and i worked really hard (like two a.m. every night studying hard) ...and the AP English paper i started writing at midnight the day before it was due? i got a 90% on it. i'm a bit amazed actually... so, yeah, straight A's and i couldn't be happier. i screamed when i found out. {i was in qdoba... that was weird}
so yeah, i'm just really happy about that. however. i feel even more stressed. and so i'm trying to be as organized as i possibly can. i'm still sorta stressing (so sorry about how depressing this post is so far, it's just nice to get out some frustration.)

my schedule of yesterday (thursday)
i had spent the night with katie because her parents were out of town.
so i left for seminary at 6:55
went to seminary
went home to pick up my camera, violin, voice music, and decoration committee stuff (i made folders for everyone... i'm a little ocd, ok?)
access. actually, NHS officer meeting.
peasant class. (aka, american government)
lunch. (aka, go get gas in my car, sit in car eating lunch alone because i had to do homework)
AP Stats.
AP English.
right after school, i had my decoration committee meeting.
straight to voice lessons.
straight to delta for orchestra. (can i tell you that i missed orchestra... like a lot.)
then my conductor talked me into being in symphony.
symphony practice.
drive home crying because my back hurt so bad and because... decisions.. (backstory, i have mild scoliosis which causes my ribs to turn out of place... particularly when playing violin... for 3 hours)
got home at like 10:30.
took three ibuprofen.
sat on the couch crying until the medicine kicked in.
took a very long shower.
started reading king lear at midnight.
when to bed. wayy later then is healthy.

yeppp... anyways, now i need to decided:

tennis or orchestra?

and i can't decide. seriously. i can't. next semester (in orchestra... aka march-may), they're playing some of the coolest music, not to mention that i wouldn't have to miss english twice a week (for tennis) and it would be really fun. but tennis is fun (sometimes) too, and this year i'm going to play singles. and it'll make me be more in shape. and i can't decide. anyways, sorry about the rant. now to happier topics.

i have just been crazy, and i haven't gotten around to new years.

new years eve.
well, we went to katie's dad's office (after i got off work at ten) and played games, ate food, and...
partied like true mormons... sparkling cider!!! 

 i got a hair cut!

and it was really fun(:

and here's a picture of when katie came with my family to the motab concert like a month ago:

annnnddd yeahh... i promise, i'll try to blog more, everything is just stressing me out right now. febuary is going to be an awful month.

.all state choir.
.dinner theater the next day. (i'm auditioning with martell singing jackson by johnny cash, and with ashlee and rachael singing don't sit under the apple tree by andrew sisters)
.adam's state honor choir two days after that.
.pennies for patients all month. (nhs)
.our fccla project.
.tennis starting (if i do tennis)

i promise (hopefully) this is the last complaining post for a while(: i'm usually a happy person!

erica michelle

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  1. You're doing a great job, just hang in there for a few more months