Monday, January 28, 2013


first of all, i found this quote on tumblr, and i am IN LOVE WITH IT!!! perfect, i tell you. just what i needed.
So winter formal was great!!! like, super super super super great! buuuut... the pictures didn't turn out :( like, not at all. i mean, one thing was that it was almost nine by the time we were ready (the dance started at eight) so we were in a huge rush. soooo yeahh.

i got asked to the ROTC Ball!!! But i'm going to be at Adam's State Honor Choir so i had to say no. it seriously bummed me out SO MUCH. i would have LOVED to have gone!!! plus, katie is going with nate so we could have gotten ready together :/

hmmm, so what else is new? i think that's about it. i seriously have soooo much to do i don't even really have time to blog!!! soo, adios!

erica michelle


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    1. It's just like a really fancy dinner and dance that the ROTC program in my school puts on... Girls wear really fancy dresses and boys wear their uniforms!