Friday, January 25, 2013

boston and dances.

well, this week has been a crazy but wonderful week. seriously crazy. violin lessons, dinner theater auditions, mutual, seminary, like 50 bajillion tests (or at least it seemed like it), and a few essays. seriously, wonderful though. i got accepted to...

BYU Idaho.

believe me, the SECOND i get accepted to Provo, i'll be posting a picture of:
1) my acceptance letter
2) a picture of me crying because i'm so happy.

in the meantime, (that is, sometime between February 1st and February 28th) i'll have to be content with the idea of being accepted to idaho.

in other news, i for sure made it into Dinner Theater singing Boogie Woogie Bugle Boys again (it sounds better than last time, no worries) and also, i possibly made it in singing Jackson (Johnny Cash) with Martell... although that's not a guarantee because she's worried about having too many non-choir kids in there.


i have decided on a senior trip!!!

(google images)

I was having a hard time deciding between Boston, Disneyland, San Fracisco, and Chicago... but i definitely think Boston is the way to go(:

Next, tomorrow is the Winter Formal!!
and, need i mention that i don't have a date for two reasons...

1) i quite honestly don't want one because i've found dances (particularly homecoming and winter formal) are much better without one
2) i'm a mormon girl with standards living in (majorly) non-mormon town. (i tell myself that if i lived in utah i would go on more dates)

and i still haven't decided between these two dresses(:
(they look better on models than me)

 (this dress i got for Christmas... from Bohme)

     (This dress Katie has from Shabby Apple... and it's more navy blue then the picture shows)

and these are my shoes!

and that, my friends, is really it. now i'm off to write a "Political Philosophy Essay" for American Government, and do a scholarship essay!!!

erica michelle  


  1. I am absolutely SURE you are going to get into BYU... I think the Provo campus is just BYU, right? I'm not Mormon, so I don't really know.. But anyway, if you don't then I... I just can't see how! You've taken more AP classes than I ever imagined existed!!! Plus, your extra-curricular involvement is through the roof. Perhaps that's why I wish I was your bestest best friend in the whole wide world...because you are soooo simply amaaaazing!!! HAVE FUN IN BOSTON!!! (I'm jealous!)

    1. yepp... byu is the provo campus... and thank you!!!! i sadly should have done more but too late now!!! and we can totally be bestest friends!!!!!!!!!!!!