Sunday, January 13, 2013

joann fabric's and scavenger hunt.


Montrose is getting a Joann Fabrics!!! How many 17 year old girls are excited for this? probably just me, but seriously, i don't have to drive to Junction to get decent fabric!!! my sewing possibilities are endless!! (ok, watch the store not even come until after i move out to college... that'd be tragic.). I CAN NOT WAIT. people don't understand my love of sewing, i mean, what other 15 year old girl begged and begged for a sewing machine for christmas 2 years ago? probably only me.

but there it is, not as wonderful as my mom's sewing machine, but still my little baby. (:

scavenger hunt.
 i live in a small little town. with nothing to do in it for teenagers on a saturday night (especially when all the kinds you hang out with have to actually PAY for their movie ticket...) so we did a scavenger hunt in Walmart...
45 things to take pictures of- some of which included:

-a bald man
-food no one in the group likes
-disney movie
-book everyone in group has read
-"something that used to swim in water, now it doesn't"
-a boy kissing a poster of justin bieber
and so on...

GIRLS VS BOYS (girls dominated... just fyi)

 i don't really feel like loading a million pictures, but here were just a few(:

anywho, great saturday, and now i have to go back to school tomorrow... how sad...



  1. I love that scavenger hunt idea!! Now I want to organize one sometime with my friends!

    1. it was really really fun!!! you'll definitely enjoy it, if you did it with some friends!

  2. I agree... I think I'm going to do that... Probably not, but I REALLLLLY WANT TOOO!!!!!!!!!