Wednesday, February 6, 2013

random and all state.

well, here i am. a crazy crazy crazy crazy week. all i've been thinking about is all state re-auditions. seriously. i have been SOOOO nervous, i can't concentrate on anything else. it's not good, i tell you. the last week has made me an awful student, awful friend, awful everything. but... TOMORROW IS THE DAY.


i am sooo excited, and nervous. mainly just nervous for the re-audtions. after that, it's all fun(: ahhhh oh my gosh. here it is!!!! unfortunatnly, mrs. leu isn't coming because her husband is really sick, so it's just my mom and i, which will still be wonderful!

in other news. i have two new food addictions. (well, maybe not new but once-again-realized)

veggie straws and yogurt covered raisins. (not together obviously)

also, over the last couple weeks, my two wonderful, amazing best friends turned 18! crazy. as of last week, we have been best friends for five years.
i seriously can't think about it without getting super sad. we're all leaving in 6 months.

here, have a picture of our cute little cars all lined up last friday when we were going to look at kels's ceramics:

and here is just some of kelsey's AMAZING pottery!!!

and here is a video of our scripture master friday in seminary.
the rules?
everyone sits in a circle at individual tables. sister knight taped scripture mastery references to everyone's table (other people could see it, but not the person sitting at the table). she begins reading a clue to a scripture mastery. once you look up the scripture, you get to start pelting the person who has that reference taped to the front of their desk with big marshmellows. you don't stop until they have their scriptures turned to the page(:
it's hilarious.
i wish i had a better video of it!

so, i know this is a random post, but i figured i needed to blog. so, there ya are! it's gonna get better when i quit stressing about all state!


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