Wednesday, September 12, 2012

my friends are better than your friends.

no offense of course... but it's true. just sayin. why? because my friends are AWESOME. like, that's an understatement.

Danielle was here, (like i said), so i had a little photography shoot with my little neice and nephew because, ya know, i'm in photography and needed to take pictures of them... sadly, like 5 actually turned out well. but oh well(: it was still fun!


THHEENN... saturday night i went to a birthday party... that's right folks, Mikelle is 16! aanndd, we went to Wal-Mart. because that's what we do. and it was hilarious. we found some strange things:


 Then, i came home and watched Hunger Games... yeppp.

sunday, was,... how you say... a rough day. i played violin in church, and let's just say that i should probably begin practicing before an hour till church... i didn't work out so well, and i cried, and laudydaudydah...


 homecoming spirit week: pajama day!

this, my folks, is when i officially hit rock bottom. not like the, i hate my life, i'm sad, kinda rock bottom, but "i don't care what anyone thinks of me, i'm going to do whatever i want" rock bottom. and that is why i wore my 2 dollar, 3 years old, old man, black sweats with holes in them. they're my favorite article of clothing i own, but i've never worn them in public before because they are truly the extent of ugly sweats. but, i don't care. 100% anymore. and it feels amazing(:

we made shirts for tuesday(:

monday night was...
*note: i can't play football to save my life... but it was fun anyways, and i got to play twice(:

game: seniors vs. sophomores

score: 23-12



and i left my phone with these girls (who were AMAZING and came to watch!)
and they took like 1092384710958 pictures, it was pretty entertaining looking through my phone afterward!

homecoming spirit week: tank top day!

 sooo... we had made shirts that said "this shirt is a tank top" cuz, you know, i'm like mormon, and i don't wear tank tops. i thought it was clever(:

 it rained. it was amazing. i looovvee the rain, aanndd colorado really needs it.

 Kelly, Katie, Sam, and I went to the board meeting to get recognized for FCCLA nationals(:

 then, i went to mutual, which was great fun(:

 James! (this boy turned 16 today... holy cow!!)
and after, i went tie shipping with these guys to help them get ties... also, great fun!


 we had orange julius in seminary(: it was absolutely AMAZING!

homecoming spirit week: twin day!

 yep, we're cool like that(:

then after school, katie, sam, and i drove around on adventures (you know, dollar store, crazy music, the works) then went to the homecoming parade... sam and i were even twins for the parade(:

and yep... that's been my week so far(: it's been amazing, and let's face it... i have the most amazing friends in the entire world!!! like. legit. it's true. now, i'm headed to powderpuff volleyball(:

Erica Michelle

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