Sunday, September 16, 2012

homecoming week (part two).

wednesday (night).

powderpuff volleyball... strange, i tell you, very strange.


homecoming spirit week: tie die day (i don't have any pictures, sorry!)

soo... i went to school, and during first hour, sam and i decided that we wanted to make legit shirts for spirit day on friday and for the game... welllll, during fifth hour (it was a block day, so classes are an hour and a half), Sam, Kelsey, and I went to wal-mart and got 2 dollar craft shirts and cloth paint, and we made shirts, in the senior parking lot, dancin to our music. it was just dandyriffic(:

after school,
Kelly, Sam, and I had an appointment to get our eyebrows waxed. and let me tell you, i needed it. unfortunantly, my skin turned red and stayed that way all night. sam laughed at me and took a picture (you gotta love best friends, right??):

i went to a college fair. here's my little rant of this post.
DEAR WORLD (particularly all the colleges.. okay, all but one that was there) HUMANITIES AND HISTORY ARE VERY DIFFERENT THINGS. so, when i ask if you have a humanities major, DO NOT tell me that you have a history major instead. no.

after the college fair, Sam, Kelsey, and Kelly came over to my house to finish our legit shirts(:


homecoming spirit week: SPIRIT DAY!

in seminary we played an awesome game where we had to look up scriptures then shoot the nerf gun... it was fantastic(:

and we all wore our awesome shirts!

it was, well, fantastic(:

friday night was the homecmoing game! (not to spoil it, but we lost 19-20, it was a great game though!)


so, let me introduce you, my dear blog, to AJ. AJ is my awesome friends/guitar teacher... he also is in choir with me, AND my dear blog, he was HOMECOMING KING!!!
and he soo deserved it!

oh, and he's in band too. and he has his own CD. and he basically rocks. the end.


i woke up (quite late actually), cleaned my dad's office, my room, did a bit of homework... theeenn...

went to kelly house to get ready for the...

homecoming dance!

 once i got there, and realized we still had like 6 hours to the dance, i basically just sat on her bed and watched her curl cailtin's hair. sam, kelsey, sloan, kym, and shelby were all there getting ready too(:
let me say, this was the most fun i've ever had getting ready for a dance. ever. it was really calm, no one was stressed or tired, and it was amazing. not to mention, madeline (kelly's mom) and shannon made AMAZING snacks!!

this, my dear blog, is caitlins hair 2 hours of curling:

oh, how i wish i had that hair! then kelly put it up into this beautiful updo. i mean beautiful. seriously!

and kelly, well, she put all these adorable flowers in her hair:

and kelsey did my hair(: and it was AMAZING!! cuz kelsey's cool like that

sam and kym had to leave early (because they had dates) so it was just kelly, kelsey, and i left, and we ate this wonderful dinner that madeline had made. it was absolutely amazing!

and this is what we looked like when we went to the dance:

then we went to the dance!

so, overall, this was, hand down, the best school dance experience i've ever had. (i just don't think anything can be the FCCLA gala). why? because my best friends and i just got ready together and went to the dance and didn't care about anything. it was absolutely amazing. also, our dresses looked like our personalities (or wanna be personalities in my case... i'm too poor to always go vintage, and the lipstick drove me insane so i just don't think i could do that everyday) and, it was, amazing. i don't know how else to describe it. AND the dance was supppeerr fun too(:

after the dance we went to Denny's then spent the night at kelly's house. needless to say, i am sooo tired. i fell asleep on the floor while we were webchatting with my siblings. like, i'm going to bed in like 30 minutes.


i had a lesson in young women's about dating. first, i should mention i'm the only laurel basically, so it was me and three leaders... but... there were cute handouts so it all turned out ok(:

yepp... that's been my wonderful, fantastic homecoming week(:

Erica Michelle

and i'm wayy too tired to go through and re-read this post, so please ignore any typos(:


  1. Thank you! BTW, I coincidentally pushed for tie-dye day at my school, but I got shot down. I think... And this is awesome! I love your school Erica! You make me jealous..!!!

  2. Also, Erica, it's Gorilla Volleyball. Not Powderpuff Volleyball. Powderpuff is for football. Silly girl! :)

  3. hahahahaha that's an awesome name for it!!!