Friday, September 7, 2012

Pre-homecoming/spirit week.

so, i really don't know what else i could name this. really, it's the week before spirit week, which is technically the week before homecoming... ssoooo, yeah.

my week (thus far, since it is only friday)


labor day! (aka, no school)
my family went ATVing with a couple other families. well, families isn't the term. parents of the families. without their children... soooo, Erik and I were the only kids that were there, but it turned out quite fun(: Erik drove the whole way, which was quite good because, even though it was a GORGEOUS ride, i thought that i very well might die.

oh, and we went through this river... and had to pull out Erik's parents because they thought they flooded the engine... turns out, they accidentally hit the kill switch(:

Then... i worked Monday night... have i ever told you how much i love my job? cuz i do.

yeah, this post, about my work, said i would take pictures, so i snapped a few, here's my wonderful work(:

you see that little box office right there? yeah, i sold tickets there... i finally felt like an official movie theater worker!

in seminary we had to draw pictures of the Christmas story. this really demonstrates my sad lack of artistic ability. this was my picture:

i was pretty happy about it, actually... till i looked at kym's picture:

and that was when i felt like a failure.


sam and i went homecoming shoe shopping (for her, i already have my homecoming shoes remember?)

tthheenn i worked again that night. TTHHEENN i went and got ice cream with taylee (no pictures, sorry). and i cried a little bit, because i love that girl, and she's now at BYU-I...

went to school. blah. ttthheenn... sam and i went homecoming shopping again, this time for me.

but before shopping, we had an NHS meeting, and yes, i was the one who talked during a lot of it, and it was great(: scary, but great(:

tthheenn, we were leaving and kelly's van wouldn't start, so we jump started it (although that didn't work, so then a mechanic had to come...)

then i went to ice cream with james(:


you see, my dress is cream and lace and vintage like, AND i don't have a date so i really have no one to impress, therefore, i'm going all vintage(: red high heels, red lipstick, side up do, and i really really would love to find a red clutch, but there are none to be found in montrose :( which is quite sad.
but i got my make-up done by a guy at sephora... actucally, just my lipstick... and it took some intense scrubbing to get it off. it was awful, i think i'm sticking with the four dollar Target stuff...


powderpuff football practice(: well, let's just say, i shouldn't consider football an option for a career, but it's fun(: and kelsey and i went and got ice cream after(:
(dang, i eat a lot of ice cream...)


Danielle is here(: with evan and caitlin and they're adorable(: well, homecoming is eight days away! which is exciting! anndd, yeah, i might do another post tomorrow depending on how exciting it is, soooo yep...
this is my niece Caitlin(: she's adorable!

LASTLY, this is Sam and I's deal to each other (yes, it's written on a napkin) so we can enjoy our senior homecoming week(:

here we go, powderpuff football, volley ball, and dodge ball... homecoming football game, and of course, the dance!

oh, i'm in love with a band called Imagine Dragons... that's about it!

Erica Michelle

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  1. That's crazy your homecoming already passed! Mine isn't until Oct. 6th. But I suppose I need to blog about it... So I shall, when it comes around. I kinda am interested to see what you looked like at your homecoming.. which I am assuming is actually tonight.