Tuesday, April 22, 2014

freshmen year: check.

I'm officially done with freshmen year! I just finished my biology final {also, please note that I will NEVER have to take another science class. done.} I still have a couple of days until I move out, but the academic aspect of this year is over.

Finals were rough guys... some of them went ok, others not so much. but hey, it's a sunk cost right? {hello there, applying econ to real life} Kay, that actually makes it sound like I did a lot worse on them than I really did. Other than econ and book of mormon, all my grades were exactly what I wanted! It's weird that I won't be studying in the HBLL for at least 8 months... I mean, that place was basically my second home {Kayla can attest} College is just a tiny bit crazy amount harder than high school.

However, in the midst of all my studying I also got to have a little bit of fun! {but the picture aspect doesn't prove it since we really didn't take many pictures...}

Sunday I got to celebrate Easter morning at Danielle and Jayson's! I drove up to watch Caitlin and Evan do an Easter egg hunt then have brunch! {by the way, Jayson's french toast + Danielle's homemade syrup = delicious. Jayson shared the recipe right here!} I'm so lucky to have an awesome family so close to me here at college! Plus... it makes it better when these two kiddos are the cutest kids in the world! {p.s. I guess 2 month olds aren't really into Easter egg hunts since Emily slept through most of the morning...}

Happy late Easter! I was going to do a special post but I got caught up with all the craziness of finals week... but my church put out this video which I thought was awesome!

Waffle Love is a must-do in Provo!

P.S. I'm not joking about the amount of studying I do... that being said, it's understandable to be emotionally attached to this semester's index cards, right?? I put a lot of work into these guys and they helped me out. Throwing them away just seems so sad... anyone need index cards for geography, sociology, biology, or econ? maybe I should try to sell them with the textbooks... (;

sadly, that picture doesn't even do justice to how large that stack of cards truly is...

We also have had bonfires, movie nights, nertz games, study parties and so much else! Sunday was our last day at church, and let me tell you, I am NOT ready to say goodbye! {that'll be another post though}

Speaking of goodbyes, Sam goes into the MTC TOMORROW! I get to say goodbye tonight, and it's so bittersweet! I'm going to miss that girl!

Happy tuesday!


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